How to Be Creative Even if You are Out of Ideas

How always to be a creative person? Here are a few steps how to be creative, get inspired and don’t get stuck even when you run out of ideas. #businesstips #marketing #creativeentrepreneur

How to be creative person?

What to do if you are out of ideas?

You were born to be creative. It’s a skill, which needs to be learned and practiced.

You have a creative soul. Look at the world like an artist. Everything was already created before us. There are a few steps how to be creative, get inspired and don’t get stuck even when you run out of ideas.

To create something “new”:

  • Look around
  • Think about what you like
  • Find your inspiration
  • Create your own version of that

Austin Kleon in his bestselling book Steal Like an Artist makes it even simpler. This is how artistic person should look at the world:

“First, figure out what’s worth stealing, then move on to the next thing.”

– Austin Kleon

Whoever you are the artist, entrepreneur or a life-lover start to collect ideas which inspire you and which you would like to realize. That can be any pictures, phrases or subjects.

In design and photography, it calls a mood board. Make the notes about everything, which will help you to create your final picture. Then put your ideas into the action.

Find your heroes, people who inspire you, who you want to be like. Copy them, however not from the one artist (which is plagiarism), but from many till you make something your own.

You may hear: do, create or write about what you know. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Instead, try to work on what you like.

One more simple advice: if you don’t have an inspiration – google it! Google your dreams, your problems, google any questions.

Written in a positive, creative style, the book shares the idea that there is nothing original in the world. The author wrote it as the tips for the previous version of himself.

What are your thoughts about how to be creative? Please share them in the comments bellow!

How always to be a creative person? Here are a few steps how to be creative, get inspired and don’t get stuck even when you run out of ideas. #businesstips #marketing #creativeentrepreneur

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Marina Barayeva is the founder of She is a blogger and a professional photographer. She writes about social media and personal branding for artists and creative entrepreneurs. For those who want to be visible with the work, brand and personality.
  • Hi Marina,

    You know, it’s funny… one of my mentors always used to tell me,

    “Steal from the best and steal with pride.”

    After all, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    Of course, my mentor was talking about sales and business. In other words, if what someone else is doing is working better, start doing it, too.

    I think in a creative space, the concept still applies. There’s a lot we can learn from watching other successful online entrepreneurs build their business.

    Nice idea for a post!


    PS: I apologize that I haven’t dropped by your blog much lately. I was on the road until mid-November, and it seems that I’ve been playing catch-up since then. If I don’t connect with you again before the holidays, Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for your comment, Brent.

      Agree, you can “steal” not only in the creativity. One of my favorite marketers gave a tip: if you want to grow always look for the best ideas to steal 🙂

      I hope you had a good trip. Happy holidays to you and Andrea!

      • Thanks for the well wishes throughout the holidays, Marina.

        Here’s hoping 2016 is your best year yet — and ours, too! 🙂


  • Hi marina,
    Sometimes i do the same, I get the ideas from the others and make more simpler and informative.
    Although it was my first visit to your Blog and I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for the share.

    • Hi Robin,

      Thank you for check it out. Indeed, being inspired by others helps to generate more of your own ideas.