15 Small Business Tips On Being Successful And Creative

It can be tough to build a small business if you are starting from the nothing. Here are 15 small business tips on being successful as a creative entrepreneur from Gary Vaynerchuk, author of #AskGaryVee show

Do you want to build a business out of your creative talent? Wonder what are the principles of success for a creative entrepreneur? It can be tough to build a small business if you are starting from the nothing. It may seem almost impossible to get the

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How to Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

Tips on how to increase your brand awareness through social media marketing

Do people know your brand? Have you ever noticed that there are a few products that many people tend to associate with certain brands? These companies are generally represented by the dominant players on the market, the companies that have built strong business images and have earned

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Which Blogging Tasks To Outsource To Get More Free Time

Blogging Tasks To Outsource To Get More Free Time

Do you still do everything by yourself on your blog? Would you like to have more free time by outsourcing blogging tasks? Blogging takes a lot of time. There are always bunch of things to do: In the beginning, many bloggers do all on them own. Then,

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3 Tricks to Blog Consistently (And Don’t Get Burned Out)

How to blog consistently

How to blog consistently? (and don’t get burned out) How often do you need to write on the blog? Writing on the blog consistently can be a challenge. Some people even don’t start blogging as they think, that they will need to write long blog posts every

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9 Efficient Components of Blogging For Small Business Success

Blogging For Small Business Success

Want to know how to use blogging for small business? Looking for the ways to make blogging work for your marketing? As everyone says: You need a blog. To create a new blog isn’t hard, but what is next? Like any marketing tool, it can be effective

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What Is The Difference Between Niche and Audience?

How to define niche and audience

Is there a difference between niche and audience? What do you focus on? Do you know what is a niche market of your business? People are often confused what the niche and audience are about. These two words sometimes even used as synonymous, but they are not.

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How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

How to build personal brand online

Do you want to be an expert in your niche? Thinking about building your personal brand? A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Jeff Bezos When people want to use your service or buy something from you, they need

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How to Get Published In a Fashion Magazine

Guide for Protographers How to Get Published In a Fashion Magazine

Have you ever dreamed about seeing your pictures in the magazine? Do you want your work to get published? Getting published gives you an opportunity to show your work to different people and even more, to expose your work internationally. It may seem like hard work because

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10 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs from Guy Kawasaki [Infographic]

10 motivational quotes for entrepreneurs from Guy Kawasaki Infographic. The Art of the Start 2.0

To be an entrepreneur means to live a life of ups and downs, like a roller coaster. Nobody says it is easy. The entrepreneur needs a lot of ambitious for passing all the challenges. And often you need just a little more inspiration and motivation for succeeding.

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Examples of Follow Up Email After Meeting or Job interview

follow up email after meeting or job interview

Sending a follow up email to your new contacts make you stand out of many people. It sounds so simple just to send an email after a meeting, networking event or interview, however, most people don’t do that! Networking isn’t only the passing business cards it’s about

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