9 Efficient Components of Blogging For Small Business Success

Blogging For Small Business Success

Want to know how to use blogging for small business? Looking for the ways to make blogging work for your marketing? As everyone says: You need a blog. To create a new blog isn’t hard, but what is next? Like any marketing tool, it can be effective

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How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

How to build personal brand online

Do you want to be an expert in your niche? Thinking about building your personal brand? A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Jeff Bezos When people want to use your service or buy something from you, they need

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What to Do With The Fear, Critique And Rejection

What to do with the fear, critique and rejection

Has anyone ever criticized your work? How does it feel? What to do with the fear and how to keep creating even if people critique and reject your art? Following your dream, one day you will face the critique and rejection. When you like to do stuff or you

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What to Write About In a Blog [Infographic]

What to Write About In a Blog

Don’t know what to write about in a blog? Want some fresh ideas to create a new content? The content you write on the topics which people are curious about brings people back to your blog. However, every blogger from time to time gets to the point

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How to Make Your Blog Popular: a Story of

How to make your blog popular

Do you want thousands of people to read your blog? How to build an online business beyond the competition?  The blogging starts from creating content. But you write, you create a compelling content and… nothing happened. Some blog visitors, a few regular readers, lucky if you have

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12 Practical Tips How to Be a Better Writer

Tips how to be a better writer

Do you blog? Looking for ways to make your blogging easier and be a better writer? Writing a great content online is a powerful marketing tool. Blogging gives you more visibility and brings people to your site. A well-written blog post will build your authority. It’s easier

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How to Write a Great Blog Comment

How to Write a Great Blog Comment

Have you ever thought about blog commenting as an online marketing tool? If you write a great blog comment, you will get the author and other readers attention. It’s about sharing relevant and useful opinions and thoughts. Blog commenting allows you to build a significant presence in

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How to Use Hashtags to Increase More Traffic

How to use hashtags to increase more traffic

Wonder how to use hashtags to increase more traffic? All popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram and others use hashtags. The hashtag is the word with the pound sign (#) in front. When you add # symbol, the word becomes a link. When you

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