3 Tricks to Blog Consistently (And Don’t Get Burned Out)

Writing on the blog consistently can be a challenge. Here are 3 principles which will help you to make blogging easier so you will enjoy it. Simple tips on how to blog consistently.How to blog consistently? (and don’t get burned out)

How often do you need to write on the blog?

Writing on the blog consistently can be a challenge. Some people even don’t start blogging as they think, that they will need to write long blog posts every time, or they should post something every day.

In fact, this is your blog. You are the only one who will decide how thing should be there.

There are three major questions on the way to regular blogging.

How often should you write to consider that you blog consistently?

Consistency is important.

But, again, it’s your blog. How often do you want to update it? Or better say how often you think you can?

You might hear that you should blog more and often. It makes sense, but only when you feel comfortable with it.

Writing every day for many people is impossible. They get burned out fast, start procrastinating and leave blogging at the end.

How many blog posts you can write: One per month? Two? Once a week?

Start with the few and then add more little by little, even if it will be only one more post per month.

To Blog Consistently: Start With 1-2 Posts/Month, Then Add More Little By Little.Click To Tweet

Writing on the blog consistently can be a challenge. Here are 3 principles which will help you to make blogging easier so you will enjoy it. Simple tips on how to blog consistently.

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How long should you write?

Write as long as you need to cover your topic, or idea, which you want to share. Don’t think about how long should be the article. 200-400 words blog post is great when it has everything you wanted to write about.

Yes, for Google search optimization long posts are better, but you write for people first.

Once you start to write more, your posts will become longer, or you will write often, which is also great.

After you start writing, sometimes you realize that your post is already more that 1000 words.

Focus on your topic and remember that simplicity is great in everything.

Blogging tip: Write as long as you need to cover a topic - one main idea per post.Click To Tweet

What to write about on the blog?

You are starting the blog with the idea to share something with people: tips about the area of your expertise, showing your work results, or simply sharing your thoughts about a particular topic.

First, define those people who you want to reach. Then, think about what they need.

Begin with the simple thoughts, which you want them to know.

Each post contains three parts, introduction, main content and conclusion.

  • The introduction is the answer to the question: What is in it for me? (For reader)
  • The main content is where you drive readers into the theme.
  • The conclusion is summarizing up everything you wrote about.

Bringing diverse content, follow the central topic of your blog.

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Check these 20 ideas of what to write in a blog to keep it up with the new content.


Trying to blog consistently you no need to run a marathon writing a lot.

Blog with your speed and length. Also, write what you want to write about.

Afterward, blogging will be easier, and you will enjoy it.

How often do you blog? Is there anything else stops you from blogging regularly? Let me know in the comments below.

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