This site is about how to build your social platform and a personal brand online for share and promote your work. For artists and creative entrepreneurs:

  • Who want to move forward to Social Media and Internet but don’t know how.
  • Who want to be visible with the work, brand and personality.
  • Who want to be shown online, have a platform for share thoughts, ideas.


Marina Social Media Marketer

Hi. My name is Marina Barayeva. I’m a founder of this site and also creative entrepreneur, photographer, adventurer and traveler.

IntNetworrkPlus is for inspire you to think outside of the box and live the life you want.

The best way to predict the feature is to create it. ~ Peter Drucker


Creative Entrepreneur

I’m an inspiring leader of creative projects, the organizer of “Lady­‐photographer” online conference, the generator of innovative ideas.

The motivational tutor who combined the best of Eastern and Western techniques for development of talent and creative potential of people.

A big fan of creative projects and collaborations. I believe in the TEAM (together each achieve more) and passion about bringing people together for create great things and change the world.

I’m always working on something. Creating new projects, learning new skills, discovering new areas of the world – that’s all I am.


I’m a professional headshot and portrait photographer. I continually growing as an artist by learning from experts and by sharing my knowledge with other people.




Adventurer and traveler

I was born in Russia. After finish the university and getting two degrees as Manager and Engineer I moved to China. When I came there the first time I couldn’t say anything in Chinese there and too less people spoke English.

I like China and I’ve learned Chinese just for seven months (three of those I was learning by myself). I lived in Beijing and travelled all over the country for several years.

Beside of China, I lived in USA, Indonesia and Argentina.

I encourage you to travel because there is so much to see in this world and you will get a new, different point of view on everything.

Other ways to connect

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PS: I’m not the English native speaker and you may find the mistakes in my posts from time to time. I will appreciate if you send me the page where you found them and the right correction via a contact form